Dyson working on home robots

Dyson is known for its futuristic-looking vacuum cleaners, futuristic-looking fans, and cutting-edge hairdryers. But Dyson has been working on a top-secret project that you probably aren't aware of, and it might bring a long-held goal of mankind to fruition: robots.

Not just any robot, either (you may already consider some of their vacuum cleaners as robots, from a technical perspective). Dyson has stated that it is investing in the development of robots that can do home tasks. The new technology is expected to be accessible by 2030, according to the business.

Consider strong robotic hands gently picking up the plates from the rack and preparing the lunch table. Dyson's prototypes can already pick up teddy bears off the floor and discover chips that have slipped between the crevices of the couch, according to a video released alongside the unveiling of their new business plan on Wednesday.

“There’s a big future in robotics. Saving people time, performing chores for people and improving people’s daily lives,” said Jake Dyson, son of Sir James Dyson, the company's wealthy creator.

According to Dyson, the new robots would be able to manage delicate jobs and fragile things, something that robotics has yet to master.

For the past 20 years, Jake Dyson claims, the corporation has been conducting robotics research “that nobody is aware of”.

According to Dyson, the corporation has been financing research at Imperial College in London for the past 10 years. They're now establishing three additional offices, two in the United Kingdom and one in Singapore.

The study is "very top secret," according to Dyson, and the corporation is just now sharing morsels of information in order to recruit the greatest engineers from across the world. Dyson is trying to employ 700 robotics engineers to work on the "brain" of these robots that do home duties.

If successful, the move will usher in a robotics revolution, introducing this sort of robot, which is currently in use in factories, into people's homes for the first time.

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